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Bringing your memories to life again...
Photo & Video Digitizing in Manitoba
(and beyond)

For Your Family or Organization 


 Most families have photos and home movies that are unorganized and unseen in drawers, closets and shoeboxes.  As time goes by, each generation inherits even more... and the problem grows.  Even more of an issue is that the memories are at risk of deteriorating with age - especially those on video tapes and older printed photos. 

We make it easy - by scanning, converting, or digitizing your memories and giving them back in a modern format so you can easily view and share them on your computer, TV, tablet, phone, and more.  The feeling of seeing your treasured photos can invoke memories and warmth, and you'll enjoy sharing them as family and friends remember the moments in time.

Silver Frame Productions also creates keepsake slideshow-style videos  for all occasions. We turn your special photos and video clips into a one-of-a-kind, memorable photo montage video with background music and effects. You will be presented with a stunning video that tells your story, through photos, in a memorable experience for any occasion you're celebrating.


Working with Us

Getting Started

We often begin with a phone conversation, where we discuss what types of photos, slides, negatives, home video tapes, or older 8mm/Super8 films you have.   We will arrange a time for you to drop off your items once we have a plan for your project, and have answered any questions you may have.  If you live elsewhere, we will discuss courier options to keep your treasured items safe. You will be given an estimate of the total cost of your project - whether it's one VHS tape, 800 slides, a shoebox of memories, or 16 reels of Super8 film!   

Digitizing Begins

We will begin to transfer or scan your items.  We will be in touch if questions or surprises arise - or if we run into anything that needs extra attention (photos to be restored, films to be edited, etc)

Project Wrap-up

Once we are finished, we will set a time to return your memories along with your digitized files.  We will discuss whether you'd like extra copies for family members, and we always suggest that you immediately save copies of your files (ask us about the 3-2-1 backup method).


"I'd forgotten all about some of the memories on our Super8 films!  Now that I have grandchildren, this is so special to be able to see my own son's first few years, especially since we don't have our old projector anymore!" 


Ray C., Dauphin



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