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 Photo Scanning

Do you have photo albums or shoeboxes of photos in your closets? Years of kids’ artwork? Inherited your parents’ photos ?  Organizing a lifetime of photos can seem like a huge project, but there are ways to make it easier.


We love scanning photos!

At Silver Frame Photo & Video Memories,  we offer photo scanning and organizing. We convert your family photos to digital images and can touch-up damaged or faded photographs. 

Your old photo albums won't last forever. 

Your family photos deserve to be preserved! Whether you have 4x6 prints from the 1990s, black & white photos from the 1960s, or even older vintage photos from your grandparents... we are equipped with many types of scanners to handle even the most delicate, old, or fragile photographs.  We use a special scanner that can scan thousands of photos in a much quicker way than home scanners - it even scans the back of the photos if there's names or dates written! (shoebox of 4x6 photos? No problem!) We use special handling and flatbed scanners for the older or fragile ones that need a little extra care. We do all scanning right in our shop on Main Street in Dauphin, so you don't need to worry about your memories being shipped elsewhere to be done by strangers! We care about your family memories and stories just as much as you do. 


There are many reasons to have your family photos scanned. First, if they're in photo albums - especially the older 'sticky' or 'magnetic' ones - the chemicals on those pages will damage the photos and they should be removed.  Having a digital copy of your photos is also a safeguard against deterioration and peace of mind if anything should happen to your home (smoke, water, or worse). Once they are scanned, they can also easily be shared, enjoyed, and made into keepsakes such as Photo Books, Photo Gifts, Slideshow Videos, and more.

A stack of colorful photo albums
A table with old vintage photos, ready for photo scanning
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