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Home Video Transfers

Whether you have VHS tapes or camcorder tapes, Silver Frame Productions offers transfer services. Your home videos can be put on DVDs or saved as a digital file to your computer, hard drive, to an online storage or thumb drive. Transferring these memories before the tapes deteriorate any further is an important step you can take to preserving your family memories.


It's time to convert your VHS tapes to digital.

Enjoy great moments with Silver Frame Productions tape conversion services. We convert your old video VHS or camcorder tapes to digital-with options for flash drives and digital downloads.

Your tapes are at risk

VHS and camcorder tapes deteriorate over time. The audio and video signals on the tape don't age well, and we often see poor quality on tapes from the 1990s (and earlier of course!). VHS and camcorder tapes can deteriorate more quickly if they've been stored in heat or cold, in vehicles, or near stereo equipment over the years.  Brand of tape can be a factor, and any tape that had been recorded over again (very common!) results in more poor quality.  We cannot improve quality, but we do suggest getting them digitized sooner than later. 

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