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Film Reels
Super 8 and 8mm

Whether you have Super 8 or Regular 8mm films, Silver Frame Productions will carefully transfer or digitize them, using a modern film scanner so you can enjoy them forever. Your treasured home movies will be saved as a digital file that you can watch on your computer, TV, iPad, smartphone, or save backup copies to a hard drive, online storage or to a USB drive.


Transferring these memories before they deteriorate any further is an important step you can take to preserving your family memories for future generations and should be done before they age any further. 


It's time to convert your films.

Super 8 and 8mm film reels contain memories from decades gone by, and finding projectors and bulbs is harder every year.  Running your films through a projector also risks damage to film or sprockets that are ageing and brittle. We have invested in a film scanner that takes photos of every single frame on the film reel, and the results is that you will enjoy seeing your film just as you did back when it was originally filmed.  We are able to capture sound if your film had it, which is rare but possible.  Our film scanner does not 'pull' on the sprockets of your film, instead using guides along the edges so there's no risk of tearing the film during digitizing.  

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