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Retirement Party Slideshow Videos

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Did you know that Silver Frame Productions does Retirement Party slideshow videos? Do you know someone retiring, or are you planning a retirement party?

A recent client of mine recently said, "This was the perfect gift for someone who was retiring, who does not need any more clutter in his life, and hasn't taken the time to look at photos over the years. He was delighted with the video."

If you are helping to plan a retirement party, here are a few tips that may help. First things first - you'll want to collect photos that can be used in the slideshow. Consider asking the retiree's family, friends, past colleagues, and also check workplace files, frames and hard drives as possible sources. If the photos are not digital, they will need to be scanned at a good decent resolution (600 dpi or better). You can do this yourself, or have someone (like me!) do it for you for a small fee.

Don't forget to include other memorabilia if there is any - scanned items such as awards, achievements, cards, newspaper articles, company newsletter mentions, or magazine features can be included from over the years. Look for photos that include friendships, achievements, trips, special customers or projects, and fun times. Organize the items and photos in rough chronological order, although it doesn't have to be perfect.

Consider how you will be showing the video - if it will be at a retirement party or function, you may want to either play it on a TV screen, on a laptop, or on a projector/screen. Arrange for any necessary equipment well ahead of time! You may also want to consider having it loop during the evening, especially if you have a larger group of people or a longer video. (if it's longer than 5-10 minutes, you may have people restless in their seats!)

Be sure to test your equipment by playing the video the day before, or that day - on the equipment you will be using. Nothing worse than hitting 'play' in front of a rom of people, and having troubles such as no sound, no video, wrong format, etc.

Lastly... Most of the time, Retirement Slideshow Videos are surprises (and full of laughs and memories) - you will want to ensure that you have a copy to give to the person that is retiring. The DVD (or BluRay) will be a nice keepsake as they reflect on their career.

Silver Frame Productions designs many types of slideshow-style photo montage videos, set to music with tasteful effects, transitions and captions. They tell your story in a unique way, and are available on DVD, BluRay, and other formats and there are packages for every budget. If you'd like more information, please call (204) 648-4840 - I am available to work with clients across Canada and beyond! For samples of other videos I have done, please see and

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